Taking Sustainable Steps to Reduce Plastic with the Compostable Pela Case

reduce plastic with the compostable pela case


Sustainability in business has become increasingly important with man-made stresses on our environment slowly taking its toll. Pela Case is a company that sets out to operate in a sustainable way and create products that are good for the earth. With a focus on reducing phone case waste, their recycled, compostable and biodegradable products give each purchase a positive impact on our planet.


The company’s founder, Jeremy Lang, was inspired to create Pela Case after finding plastic in the sand during a vacation in Hawaii. He became motivated to look into ways to replace traditional plastic with a biodegradable counterpart. The Pela Case formula is made from strong straw fiber harvested from flax seed plants. While flax seed is commonly sold as a food product, the leftover straw is usually disposed of by farmers, which Pela Case instead utilizes to breathe new life to what was once trash. The company also tracks its carbon emissions to ensure they offset their own production.

people swimming on beach in hawaii


The company has a mission to move the world towards becoming completely waste-free. If everyday products can be made in a way that doesn’t harm the planet, we can live a longer, healthier existence with this type of production as the “new normal.” Pela Case bases its company on four C’s–Community, Creativity, Consciousness and Courage. Their commitment to keeping these ideas in mind has helped their company grow into a responsible, trustworthy brand for customers who want their purchases to make a meaningful impact.

pela case cardholder phone case


Pela Case’s main products are phone cases that come in a variety of colors and styles, and boast protection for up to a six-foot drop. Some have engraved nature artwork like turtles, butterflies, and leaves while others have their signature speckle pattern. Recently Pela Case also introduced the world’s first compostable clear iPhone case. Airpod owners are covered too, with their selection of eco-friendly Airpod cases that come in vibrant colors. Pela Case also offers colorful bands for your smartwatch, zero-waste screen protectors, and even electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation reduction smartphone inserts. The company has additionally expanded into Pela Vision–a line of biodegradable sunglasses.

pela case airpod pro case


Pela Case has been able to bring together a community of consumers and creators who all want to do their part in making the world a better place. They connect with fans of the brand on Instagram, where they’re able to unite with users from all around the world and educate them about their mission of eliminating plastics in the ocean. Their Ambassadors Program is another way they have built a community, where people can sign up to as a “#pelawavemaker” and promote the cause through engaging their own social networks in Pela campaigns and events. Pela also gives customers an easy way to do their part by including a return envelope with every purchase, where old phone cases can be sent back to be upcycled into a new case or properly recycled.

Companies like Pela Case are helping to take big steps in transforming our world into a zero-waste society. While we’re in the early stages of reaching these goals, Pela Case has shown that even everyday products can easily be made eco-friendly while still offering stylish choices for customers. As climate change continues to affect our environment, these small steps can grow into making a huge impact on the health of the world we live in.


pela case palm design purple

The Top 5 Most Important Benefits to Wearing Sunscreen

top 5 most important benefits to wearing sunscreen


Whether you’re laying out on the beach or skiing a snowy slope, sunscreen is a necessity for any kind of weather. Brightness from the sun, clouds and even snow can cause long-lasting damage to your skin and even develop into skin cancer, one of the most common types of cancers in the US. To protect your skin from potential damage, keep in mind these top five reasons are the most important benefits to wearing sunscreen.


The most important reason to wear sunscreen doesn’t end at just sunburn. Skin cancer is a serious and sometimes fatal disease that is greatly reduced through the use of sunscreen. Products like the Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist has an SPF 30 degree of protection that can reduce the odds of your days at the beach turning into a life-threatening cancer.


person on the beach wearing sunscreen


Aside from skin cancer, UV Rays can also cause uncomfortable and often painful sunburn. The redness and burning sensation may be temporary, but the long-lasting effects of regular sunburns can develop into more serious issues down the line. Sunscreen like the Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 is great to carry with you during months out of the year when you’re regularly spending time outside.

putting on sunscreen benefits of wearing sunscreen


Using skincare products with an SPF is an easy way to prevent premature aging. The glowing skin of your youth can last when you enrich your skin with nutrients that will help it fight off wrinkles and fine lines. UV exposure can greatly increase the aging process, so products like Countersun Daily Sheer Defense For Face SPF 25 can help you reduce the risk.


girl with good skin premature aging wearing sunscreen


An uneven skin tone is difficult to correct, and sunscreen can help with reducing variations in your complexion. Creams like the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer work to help mask uneven skin tone in the short term, and heal your complexion in the long term. Fight off dark spots and discoloration by keeping the effects of the sun’s harmful rays in mind.

women wearing tinted moisturizer wearing sunscreen



It’s not just about how your skin looks on the outside. Keeping your skin healthy from the inside out is just as important in maintaining a glowing complexion. Products like the Countersun After Sun Cooling Gel will help to prevent any possible sun damage after exposure, and will soothe and hydrate your skin. Sunscreen also protects your keratin which is a protein known for its essential properties in skin health.


girl on beach in bikini healthy skin


No matter your activities, sunscreen is a necessity for building and maintaining healthy skin. From moisturizers to sprays to lotions, there are a spectrum of options available to fit your preference for sun protection. Countersun’s variety of products are beneficial for both you and the environment, as they are a reef safe company while chemicals from many other sunscreens are known to cause damage to coral reefs. 

Each of these products can enrich your skin with vitamins while also acting as a defense against the sun. For direct exposure, make sure to use at least SPF 30 to increase your protection against harmful UV rays. When you incorporate daily sunscreen use into your skincare routine, your skin can stay healthy and luminous for years to come.


coral reef in the ocean reef safe sunscreen

10 Techniques to Relax and De-Stress At Home

techniques to relax and de-stress at home


Feeling stressed periodically is completely normal, but there are some times where life can throw unexpected challenges your way that are especially hard to deal with. Instead of reaching for junk food or a glass of wine, you can relax and de-stress at home in a number of healthy ways.

The body’s natural reaction to stress triggers hormones and reactions that can put you in a funk. Stressful situations can bother you in the short term, but prolonged stress can lead to health problems like anxiety, high blood pressure and insomnia. Use these helpful techniques to relax and de-stress at home with your loved ones.



One of the most effective ways to relax and de-stress is meditation. It has been practiced for thousands of years, and can help center your mind during overwhelming periods in your life. A Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is a great addition to your home. All you need are a few minutes set aside each day, and you’ll be one step closer to a calmer mental state.


meditation sound bowl to relax and de-stress


Sometimes all you need to wash your worries away is a little self-care! Treat yourself to a spa day at home with face treatments, hair masks or a mani-pedi to instantly relax and de-stress. This Charcoal face mask is nutrient-rich to help purify the skin and draw out impurities. 


beautycounter skin care products

girl getting facial at home to relax and de-stress


CBD, or cannabidiol, is an ingredient in the cannabis sativa plant that is known to have therapeutic benefits without psychoactive effects. Research has shown that CBD may play a part in easing ailments like stress, anxiety and depression. Companies like Cheef Botanicals make easy-to-use products like capsule supplements, oil drops to add to food or drinks, and even vegan gummies.

cheef botanicals

girl putting cbd balm on hands to relax and de-stress


Scent is one of the most powerful senses we have, and it can be valuable in creating a calming environment in your home. Essential oils smell great, and are an all-natural remedy that can help boost your mood. 

doterra essential oils on table


When you exercise, your body releases endorphins–a chemical that circulates throughout your brain to make you feel better. Remembering to get your heart rate up at least once a day can be a huge help in relaxation and de-stressing. 


exercise equipment on floor to relax and de-stress


One of the reasons we become stressed is because we feel a lack of control. If outside stressors are taking a toll on your mental health, try baking! The controlled and measured aspects of baking can work as a subconscious form of therapy you can focus on, not to mention the end result of having something sweet to eat. 


baked cookies on table with whisk and milk


A warm cup of tea includes theanine–an amino acid that is thought to produce calming effects on your nervous system. Make yourself a cup of any of these to relax from head to toe. Turmeric tea helps to reduce inflammation and Matcha Green tea is packed with antioxidants.


pouring tea into cup to relax and de-stress


There’s nothing better than sinking into a warm bath after a stressful day. If you’re feeling drained, toss a bath bomb into your tub for an added touch of relief! CBD bath bombs can also increase your wellness with soothing aromatherapy benefits, and finish it off by moisturizing with CBD body lotion.


cbd bath bombs to relax and de-stress in bathtub


The ancient practice of yoga has been proven to help with relaxation by placing your body in positions that lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and spread a feeling of calmness throughout your body. You can De-Stress with this Yoga Routine for Beginners, or improve your health with these 8 Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immune System.


girl doing yoga at home


If you’re feeling antsy, kill two birds with one stone by cleaning your way to relaxation. The satisfaction you get from physically improving your home works wonders for your mental health, not to mention creating a more pleasant, tranquil environment. 


cleaning counter at home